Self-employed artist, Ceramics instructor

Yasuko Diane Ozawa

Los Angeles, CA

I took a course in wheel throwing/pottery in 2009 at Summer Studios Arts Academy and thrived in learning the skill of wheel throwing. I make pots that reflect what is in my family’s cupboard. No surprise then that many of the pieces I build have a distinct Asian flavor to them. I am also drawn to making containers for flowers. This is a direct influence from my mother who is a student of the Ohara school of flower arrangement.

I am fascinated with the clay material, the science, the art and alchemy of glazes and decorating, and especially the firing process. What becomes known during the process of making things is what I love most about working with clay.

Would you like to learn how to use the wheel to make things? Why not take a beginning pottery wheel class with me at Summer Studios Arts Academy! Classes for kids, teens and adults available. Please email me at or call 310-325-8801 to pre-register if interested in learning the skill of wheel throwing.

All sales events are cancelled for the rest of 2020. See you in 2021 (fingers crossed)

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